TCU UpdateSoft 10.6

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TCU UpdateSoft 10.6

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Download file
TCU updatesoft.rar
(996.62 KiB) Downloaded 612 times

Definitions XDF & ADX

After uploading the new software, download maps from TCU.
The controller sets default values for new items

add Mux Input, mux can control aux: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=30
add BMW padles with variable resistance
correction selector DCT Series FXX
Add 0-5V Selector input
Add in automatic setings: "Disable upshift when Footbrake is ON"
Add in Gear Start: "Gear Start Pres Corect", (individual pressure correction on the clutches when starting the gear)

Correct downshifting
added 0-5V Analog Selector
Added support for Selektor DCT Series FXX
Added paddles off in automatic mode
Support Read Can Haltech, sending as I/O Expander12(Box AB)

Corrected Can frame "CSB V3 ID + 2"

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