Torque converter lockup

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Torque converter lockup

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I'm struggling with a torque converter lockup problem, and an opinion from other members would be apreciated.

8HP70 coupled to S50B32, ryutec pcb, Lamik wiring loom. Lamik did a good job with CAN BUS and general setup, gearbox is working, but I can't solve two problems, maybe related eachother.

The only way to takeup is with virtual clutch. If I doesn't use virtual clutch, the gearbox pushes so hard (with the engine at idle) that rear wheels spin with the front ones locked. Torquer converter seems to be locked.

second, while driving, I have more slip than what I see on other install videos: 1-2-3 gears are like a CVT gearbox, is hard to feel the gear change. The other gears are better... torque converter seems to engage...

we checked a lot of things, software or hardware related, included the torque converter axial play.

Is it in your experience something about the wiring or the torque converter itself?

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